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Ravenspurr Maine Coons

Registered  Maine  Coons
~ Cats of Distinction ~

We are a tiny and ethical cattery raising happy, healthy Maine Coon cats. Our cattery is registered with both The International Cat Association (TICA) and American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and our cats are health tested. We raise our cats in home, and have a few kittens available from time to time. Our cattery is located in the Cariboo region of BC, Canada, and we are the Northernmost breeders of show quality Maine Coons in the Province. Our cats continue to participate in shows and have reached Champion level to meet the breed standard.


About Ravenspurr Maine Coons

There is nothing like sharing your home with a Maine Coon, a larger than life furry friend who provides laughter and love. These big cats are characters, whether they demand attention on your lap or command you to entertain them with antics such as chasing the red dot or riding around on your shoulders ( provided you are a willing and strong 'cat slave' ). For those with carpentry skills, they love to take in the feeling of the outdoors from the safety of a catio, which can be designed for the entire family. Our cats are naturalists and  love to watch the bird feeder station while on their secure cat post. Although they are not allowed to experience the dangers of the outdoors, our Coons are provided with a rich indoor environment. As obligate carvivores unable to eat those birds and mice, we feed our cats raw food in the hopes of giving them a long and healthy life. We hope our buyers will consider going raw and view Netflix ' Petfooled' for further information.

It is said that Maine Coons trace their lineage to Vikings. Sailors brought them over on ships where a few escaped and bred with the hardy farm cats on the Eastern Coast in Maine, USA. These cats take 4 to 5 years to mature and develop their impressive long coats. Said to be the largest domestic breed of cats today, a mature cat can reach upwards of 20 pounds in weight. These large cats are laid back and friendly, making exceptional therapy animals and loving life long companions. They walk with a confident swagger, perhaps developed for balance on the seas.

Living close to the wilderness, we particularly like how the Maine Coon breed, with its lush coat and fox-like tail, seems to be bred for the North. The Maine Coon has a certain feral look with ear tufts that resemble our local wildcat, the Canadian Lynx.

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Our Maine Coons

Our young stud cat hails from Bergkammen, Germany, where we purchased him from a show cattery. Jurgen, who is a Blue Classic Tabby and White, is 2 years of age. A very friendly fellow, Jurgen loves shoulder rides and rough and tumble fights with our Terrier type dog.

Our first Queen is Jutta, a 1.5 year old Red Silver Classic Tabby and White, and her parents are Russian and Polish. Jutta was imported from a show cattery in Oregon. Jutta has a sweet purrsonality  and loves to be a lap cat when she is not attending her kittens.

Paisley is our youngest female (1 yr old). Paisley is a half sister to Jutta, and also from Oregon. A delightful soul, she is also quite the show stopper with her colour, defined as Black Silver Classic Torbie with White. 



As a small cattery, we have kittens available from time to time. Our kittens are sold with their medical records and have had two sets of vaccinations and deworming. Kittens do not leave home until a minimum of 3 months of age and our sales contract includes a 'claws' that the kitten must be kept indoors and spayed/neutered at an appropriate age.

In February  2020, we were very excited to welcome the arrival of our second batch of kittens !

Paisley and Jurgen  produced 8 beautiful, healthy kittens. Quite an interesting color pallete too! Evenly divided with 4 girls and 4 boys. 2 are destined for show homes.

If you are interested in more information, please email us and you may be placed on a wait list. We would like to know a little about your home and other animal companions so that we can decide if our kitten is a good fit for your family.

The price of our kittens reflect years of loving commitment to our fur friends. We regularly attend cat shows in BC  and Washington state where our cats and kittens are judged to meet the Breed Standard.

In October at a  TICA show,  LJ and Kiki  (7 months old) were competing in the kitten class. UPDATE...both LJ and Kiki proved themselves as good examples of the Maine Coon breed, conforming to the breed standards. LJ came home sporting a Best Kitten in Show from one of the Judges!! (out of 52 kittens competing) Way to go LJ  :-) Kiki received a Best of Breed Maine Coon kitten from another Judge. We are exceptionally pleased with the quality of our first litter and look forward to the next litter early in 2020. Our next planned show will be in Ferndale, Washington in February 2020. 'the Kids' will then be competing in the adult classes, thus eligible to gain championship titles. Come cheer them on, meet us and check out the many breeds of cats also competing in the show.



"Cat"ching up with Ravenspurr

In the mews....

Well, February has started out with a big bang and continued to be a busy month.

On February 1st we welcomed 8 beautiful kittens into the world. The "Cats" litter named after the Broadway play and movie are growing\developing well. First time Mommy Paisley is a doting mother and is taking good care of these precious little characters. Currently it looks as though all kittens from this litter are spoken for, but Jutta is ready to be bred on her next heat, and we have a waiting list started.

February was the debut of 2 of Ravenspurr's first offspring into the adult and alter show ring. We are proud to announce that Ravenspurr Kiki Dee of Quasarcats has achieved Champion status. 


The "Cats" characters



Blue and white female


Bustopher Jones

Redsilver classic tabby and white male



Blue tortie female



Blue classic torbie and white female


Mr. Mistoffelees

Black and white male



Redsilver classic tabby and white male



Blue classic torbie  and white female


Rum Tum Tugger

Red classic tabby male


Presenting our first Champion
Ch. Ravenspurr Kiki Dee of Quasarcats
a beautiful black tortoiseshell female
from our very first litter (2019) 
her proud parents are Jutta and Jurgen
We have the results of her DNA test and she is clear and ready for breeding when a suitable mate is available.


Presenting Ravenspurr LJ Rascallion
a redsilver and white male
also from our first litter
LJ is currently working toward his Champion Alter status

Mymains Paisley of Ravenspurr
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